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Websites in TYPO3

Relaunch und Implementation: Websites in the Content Management System TYPO3: References

Website Check

Does your website hit the bull’s-eye? Are target groups addressed? Do readers and search engines find what they are looking for? Improve your website now: Contact


People And Media

Depending on the people you like to address I draft and write texts for experts and laypersons. I implement online as well as print media in English as well as in German language. 

We evaluate what makes you and your project unique. We focus on the message you would like to convey. Next, we develop a communication strategy for you, and then I carry out our plans. I enjoy it to put themes and topics in a nutshell and in shape:

Range Of Services


Concept development, copywriting, text and image editing, text optimization for search engines, optimization of keywords and meta information: in classical static html or in CMS like TYPO3 (see also: The route to a website or relaunch).

Content Management

Continuous copywriting, text and image edition, searches, concept development, text optimization for search engines, link management

Website Check

Is your website popular or do potential readers surf elsewhere? Do users and search engines find what they are looking for? I would like to improve your site for search engines and the people you want to address.


Depending on your objective (binding members, involving stakeholders, ..) and according to the needs of your target group I research contents, text your messages and manage newsletters. 


Research, concept development, online editorial services for texts and images, news desk, link management


Portraits, interviews, features, reports, news

Press Releases

Concept development, copywriting, text and image editing

Public Relations (PR)

Text and image editing for brochures, flyers, folders, roll-up-banners, Wikipedia entries

Textbooks And Non-Fiction Books

Concept development, exposés, text and image editing, managing editor, correspondence with authors, scientific and popular science books

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